Poetry (my crazy thoughts put to virtual ink and paper)

Infinite Madness (a poem by C. Michael Powers)

Too much to handle am I, Yes I am.
Can’t handle these thoughts running straight through my head.
I scare myself with my odd violent dreams.
I drown myself in my personal silent screams.
Darkness envelopes me in the brightest of days.
Pain stabs and crushes me in the weirdest of ways.
The second hand goes round, but at hours at a time.
I reach for the rope, but can’t catch what’s not mine.
Have you ever suffocated in a room full of air?
Or sat entirely all alone, watching everyone stare?
Or did a handstand with no hands, balancing on elbows?
Or walked the street on your knees because your feet hate your toes?
Try nodding yes with no neck, or waving bye with no wrist.
Try chasing your sanity when it doesn’t exist.
Look! A blue cloud…in a white sky…with red rain.
Check it out! A chicken runs with no head and feels no pain.
That’s me, a chicken running, but with pain and afraid of my sadness.
Help me! Please explain my infinite madness.

Do It Now  (a poem by C. Michael Powers)

Bite the cold silence and accept the unraveling
Of your fate that's been prewritten for you
Unwind with a glass of spiritual wine
As your famished thoughts soak through
Enjoy the mere scraps from the buffet line of memories
As you think of what you've got left to lose
Prepare to be married to the dwindling glaring
Of all that will be coming to you
Relax and inhale then exhale all the negative
Evil that flows out like a flood
Breathe out, then breathe in, and admit all your sins
Do it now before the price to pay is blood
Do it now before the price is your soul
Do it now before you pay the toll
It's not much to ask, just do it now before the axe
Of the Lord's wrath comes thundering down
As the time grows nearer, the answer grows clearer
Hopefully you'll come around

Reflection  (a poem by C. Michael Powers)

Here I sit at the window,
Hand on the frequently smudged glass.
Staring out onto the present,
With a mind full of the past.
I was a soldier at one time.
I was strong and I was respected.
My mirror back then didn't display this sad reflection.
Even puddles back then showed ripples of a man,
Who could command all types of men
With just the shake of one hand.
Now my knees creak and my legs ache
Whenever I try to stand.
Now my back hurts and my hands shake,
With every drop of the hour glass sand.
Getting up to this point in life was never my intention,
But I realize...
Sometimes the only comfort that can be found,
Is in the memory of a reflection.

Daughter (a poem by C. Michael Powers)

Don't let the girl fall down there.
Pick her up, dust her off, and let her know that you care.
Make sure she knows daddy
Will always be there.
And watch her stumble away happy
With her baby fine hair.
Don't let the girl do that there.
Scold her then hold her.
Teach her to be aware.
Make her know daddy's strict,
But he'll always be fair.
And watch her skip away safely
With her pig tailed hair.
Don't let the girl wear that there.
Reprimand her but understand her.
And make sure your point's clear.
Let her know daddy's worried
'Bout the weirdos out there.
And watch her drive away angry
With her highlighted hair.
Don't leave the girl alone out there.
Walk the aisle and keep smiling.
Don't let her see your tears.
Let her know daddy's proud
And will always be near.
And watch her walk away a woman
With her veil covered hair.

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