Cutter Moments

Anyone who has read Mirror Images Book 1: The Darkness of Man knows that Cutter is one mean son of a bitch. Cutter's the kind of guy who reacts first and never gets around to asking questions later. Raised in the mean streets of Darkar, on the dark side of the mirror, Cutter is quick, temperamental, violent, and shows no remorse.

So one time, while sitting in traffic, I was getting very ticked off by the taxi driver in front of me who kept stopping his car to try and pick up passengers, over and over again. I thought to myself, "What would Cutter do in this situation?"

This page is dedicated to those moments where you think you're going to lose your mind. I invite all readers and visitors to use this page to vent. Tell me the situation and what you think Cutter would do. Use the comments section to let your anger fly. Just spit it out. Go ahead.

I'll tell you what Cutter would have done in that taxi situation. He would've stopped his car, got out, walked over to the driver's side window, said a wise ass remark like, "Is there a problem between your foot and your fuckin' brake pedal?" Then, he probably would've scalped the guy, which I agree is a bit extreme, but hey, he's Cutter. And that's why I live on this side of the mirror.

Tell us about your Cutter moment below.

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  1. I had a Cutter moment the other day. I was driving on the Corredor here in Panama, which is a major toll highway. It's a two-lane highway. I was going with the flow of traffic, so just a little over the speed limit, when I noticed that the car behind me was right on my ass. He was tailgating me. He was super close, to the point where I was worried he might slam into me. That's when my childish behavior kicked in and I decided to tap my breaks, just to give him a little scare. Finally, he swung his truck into the next lane, stepped on the gas, and proceeded to flip me off as he passed. I glared at him and that's when he saw what I looked like. I'm a big guy, at least compared to most Panamanians. I'm about 6'1" and weigh around 220lbs. Plus, I'm a gringo with a military haircut. Once he saw me he lowered his finger and looked straight ahead.

    Traffic kicked in and we wound up side by side, stuck in gridlock traffic. The guy wouldn't even look at me. I was looking at him, just hoping he'd look back so I could say something (I'm not crazy enough to get out and kick in his door or anything). That's when I wondered, "Hmm, what would Cutter do right now?" Cutter would've calmly gotten out of his car, shoved a fist through his window, grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him out onto the street, where he would have proceeded to scalp the dude. Lucky for him, I'm not Cutter.