Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mirror Images is on blog tour!!!

Check it out guys. It's official. My blog tour starts this Monday, my birthday. See the list of blogs below for the dates I'll be featured. Then stop by and show some love for my book. I'd definitely appreciate the support. I'm sure the bloggers would too. 

(1) April 15th - Dawn Colclasure, Blog: Post
(2) April 16th - Mallory Forbes, Blog:,Guest Post
(3) April 16th - Julia Hendrix, Blog: Post
(4) April 17th - Beth Kozlowski, Blog: Post
(5) April 19th - Cheree Crump, Blog: http://confessionsoftheparanormal.blogspot.comGuest Post
(6) April 25th - Ronald Fishman, Blog:
(7) April 27th - DelSheree Gladden, Blog:, Guest Post
(8) April 30th - David R. Bennet, Blog:, Interview
(9) May 1st - Sass Cadeaux, Blog:
(10) May 4th - Diana Ramsey, Blog: Post
(11) May 6th - H.M. Alder, Blog:, Guest Post
(12) May 10th - Kate Bainbridge, Blog:, Guest Post
(13) May 12th - Sadrina Cassi, Blog: Post
(14) May 13th - Catalina Egan, Blog: Post
(15) May 15th - Cremona Cotovelea, Blog:

Let's do it!!!!!!!

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