Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finally my new site is up

To anyone finding themselves on this site, I've moved locations. Please go to to see my brand new site. I will no longer be posting on this blogspot site.

Go to

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Chris (C. Michael Powers)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Working on my new site

You've probably noticed that I haven't added much to this site. I've decided to create a website rather than just a blog here on blogger. There really isn't much of a difference, but I have a lot more freedom creative freedom on my hosted site. So I've been hard at work on my new site at If you head over there right now, you'll probably find it still under construction. The plan is to launch it on or before May 1st. I'll make sure to post here when it's finished.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mirror Images is on blog tour!!!

Check it out guys. It's official. My blog tour starts this Monday, my birthday. See the list of blogs below for the dates I'll be featured. Then stop by and show some love for my book. I'd definitely appreciate the support. I'm sure the bloggers would too. 

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(6) April 25th - Ronald Fishman, Blog:
(7) April 27th - DelSheree Gladden, Blog:, Guest Post
(8) April 30th - David R. Bennet, Blog:, Interview
(9) May 1st - Sass Cadeaux, Blog:
(10) May 4th - Diana Ramsey, Blog: Post
(11) May 6th - H.M. Alder, Blog:, Guest Post
(12) May 10th - Kate Bainbridge, Blog:, Guest Post
(13) May 12th - Sadrina Cassi, Blog: Post
(14) May 13th - Catalina Egan, Blog: Post
(15) May 15th - Cremona Cotovelea, Blog:

Let's do it!!!!!!!

My book has been re-released on Kindle

Hey everybody,

I'm super excited. My book, Mirror Images Book 1: The Darkness of Man, has been re-released on Kindle. GMTA Publishing is the team behind its release, and the publisher, Kitty, is awesome. I just want to say thanks to her and to my editor, Lisanne Cooper, who had so much patience and really helped me kick my book up a notch.

The experience of re-releasing the book was awesome. After picking the book apart, page by page, I realized I've grown a lot as an author. Many of the things pointed out to me during the editorial process, were things I've already changed as I'm writing book 2. Writing truly is a growth process. I'm sure if you picked up Stephen King's first book and compared it to his newest one, you'd see growth there as well. I hope to one day be the mega brilliant author that he is and reach the point where I know that anything an editor finds will be minuscule.

So, the book has been tightened up, the story strengthened, and as much as I loved my book to begin with, it's totally bad ass now.

Check it out on Kindle here:

Don't buy the paper back version. Not yet. The old book is still up on Amazon. We're working on switching it out with the new version.

Thanks so much for all of your love and support.

C. Michael Powers

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Soundtracks

I'm working on a new book, something different from the Mirror Images series, and an idea popped into my head. I'm a huge fan of movie soundtracks. I love listening to movie scores when I'm writing. So oftentimes when I'm writing, certain songs come to mind that I think would go great with the story if it were made into a movie.

The book I'm working on now is called Puddles to Oddity and one of the characters has a fascination with music from the late 50s-early 60s. Whenever the reader is inside his head, I mention certain oldies songs that he imagines playing due to the situation. I write out the first few lines of the songs in italics so the reader can imagine what he's hearing as he's dealing with the situation.

This got me thinking. Why hasn't anyone ever tried to pair music with books? Wouldn't it be cool if e-books came with mp3 files that went along with the story? Or if you purchased a book in print, and there in an envelope at the back of the book was a cd with the music that goes along with the story? I think that would be bad ass. If that were the case, as people are reading Puddles to Oddity, they could skip to the next track on the cd and press play whenever my character gets one of those oldies tunes in his head.

Just a thought...maybe I can shoot it up the line to Amazon. I supposed acquiring the rights for each book would be a pain. Maybe it could be combined with Itunes where there's a small extra charge if you want the soundtrack to accompany the book. Hmmm...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A fresh idea

I've been working on my Mirror Images series for a long time. I've completed three screenplays in the story and about half of the fourth (and what I think will be the final) one. I love my characters and the world I've created. However, yesterday morning, the writing bug bit me when I didn't have my Mirrors screenplays around to work on the the novel adaptations, so I started a new, fresh story...and it felt great. 

Writing without an outline is a lot of fun. I think from now on I'm going to set a certain amount of time per day to work on my Mirror Images series, but also set aside some time to play around with new stories. I have so many ideas that I can't keep them all bottled up inside. Hopefully the readers will enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. 

Thanks for reading.