Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Find Time To Write

I'm writing this post for the Writing tips/info page of this blog. I have a feeling I won't be putting a lot of info in this tab. I'm no writing guru. I love to write, but as far as giving tips and pointers, I'm probably far less qualified than some other folks. So here on this page I'll just mention my way of doing things from time to time, and possibly lead you to other great pages with tips and info.

First, it's important for any writer to make time to write. There's no excuse not to write. I worked for a major jewelry company for six years. A large part of my job was to stand post and make sure no one stole anything. When customers were in the store, I stayed vigilant, ready to pounce on anyone who might consider grabbing a diamond ring and running for the door. However, most of the day, the place was empty. Especially on a cold, snowy day in Columbus, Ohio. So, to occupy my time, I kept a small spiral notebook in my suit jacket pocket.

That small notebook was my best friend. I wrote down so many book and screenplay ideas. In fact, I created a whole line of children's books which I plan to release once I find an illustrator. If you're a writer who went straight to the computer, give an old fashioned notebook a try. There's something great about not having to plug in to get work done. You just flip open your book, put pen to paper, and let go. Yes, it does mean more work in the long run since you'll have to go back and type everything you wrote by hand, but it prevents you from having that lousy excuse we all use. We all tell ourselves we're not writing because we just don't have the time. With a spiral notebook you can always find time. Jot notes down in an elevator, in the parking garage when you get to work early, at your desk if you have a minute of free time, in the park while watching your kids play, in the bathroom (gross I know, but I'm just sayin'), or even in the kitchen while you're waiting for the spaghetti water to boil.

Even when I was in the military I found time to write. While other people were smokin' and jokin' at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, I was spending all of my free time with my nose in my book. I always found time to write. Now, living in my wife's beautiful country of Panama, I'm spending more time writing on blogs and writing non-fiction info about Panama, but I'm still finding time to squeeze in a little bit of fiction writing.

If it means setting your alarm an hour earlier, just so you can sit down with a cup of coffee before the kids wake up, or staying up after they go to bed, or spending your lunch break at work handwriting your book or typing it into your Ipad or laptop, give up a little bit of time for your passion. Give yourself time to write. If you really want to...you'll make it happen.

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